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One system – 360° protection

With Pordrän® insulating and draining boards, you get comprehensive solutions for moisture issues in critical structural components. Pordrän provides 360° moisture protection – from above, the sides, and below, in both new construction and existing houses and buildings.


The indoor climate in older basements is often poor due to moisture and cold from uninsulated foundation walls and concrete floors. Pordrän offers solutions for basements, both floors and walls, in both new construction and renovation projects.

Crawl spaces

Ventilated crawl spaces increase the risk of mold growth. Pordrän provides solutions for both renovating old foundations and modern construction of warm foundations.


Slab-on-grade is a common foundation method for newer houses. Using Pordrän has many advantages; its drying function reduces construction time, its draining properties minimize the need for gravel, saving on excavation, purchases, and removal of materials. Economical and environmentally friendly.

Farm beams, green roofs & rooftop terraces.

Pordrän’s system for roof structures, together with an approved waterproofing layer, provides a sustainable solution that has been successful since its inception in 1965. It all began on the roof. Whether it’s a paved or asphalted courtyard, a green roof (sedum), or a pleasant rooftop terrace, we have the solution.

Sports surfaces & outdoor environments

The Pordrän system’s excellent thermal insulation and draining properties extend the playing season and make sports surfaces more usable during rainy periods.

Drainage without gravel

Pordränsystemets goda värmeisolerande och dränerande egenskaper förlänger spelsäsongen och gör idrottsytor mer användbara vid regniga perioder.

Buy Pordrän?

You can find our products at retailers around the country. If you need assistance with installation, you can contact one of our Pordrän authorized installers, see here.

Coming in 2024

Fully digital training for those who want to offer installation services for Pordrän.
Educate yourself anytime, anywhere, and receive a digital certificate upon completing the training.
Here’s how to become a certified contractor

Questions or concerns?

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us, and we will make sure to assist you in the best possible way.

E-mail support@pordran.se or call 08 607 32 60